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Customer Review


Hands down best candles i have ever purchased!!!


INSTANTLY FILLS THE ROOM! I have had the pleasure of smelling the most aromatic candle’s from Me Time Moments. Talk about filling the senses, calming and relaxing! This is a definite recommendation for family and friends! Great for gifts! My Go To: Scotch N’ Spades! But Creme’ De La Creme’ takes my meditation to another level!


These candles are by far the best I have ever used in my home. I always buy bath and body 3 wick candles but these are now their competition! I lite this candle and The whole room was almost instantly filled with the most pleasing fragrance! I just sat on my couch and enjoyed the moment. I see why they named the candles Me Time Moments. The wooden wick which makes a crackling sound just put me somewhere in the mountains or a late night on the beach. I’m sold! Bye Bye You know who.


I love everything about these candles! They are so relaxing and the fact that they are all natural is an added bonus! Also the customer service is great as well. I received my candles in a timely manner with very attractive packaging. I will definitely be purchasing again!


The candles are AMAZING quality and smell DEVINE! I have purchased all of them and really love them all. They also burn at a slow enough speed to allow you to enjoy them for a decent amount of time.

Hands down best candles i have ever purchased!!!
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