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Meet Our Founder

Founder & CEO

Brea Bonner​

"Well Hello there! My name is Brea Bonner and I'm super excited to share my passions with you. Though I am a NC born and bred, I am an island girl at heart. I love traveling with my hubby of over a decade, Rodney, and I am also a hard-core candle addict (If there even is such a thing). That being said, when my sister wanted to start making candles I was all in.


It's such a good feeling when you learn to manipulate your space through your sense of smell. With our minds combined, we have crafted some special candles with some epic fails and lots of laughs along the way. A candle has the ability to  transform the room and change your mood. So no matter what your "Me Time" Moment is, we can take you there."

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